This Insurmountainable Hill

The odds of [Jim and Pam] getting together...were insurmountainable.
— Steve Carell as Michael Scott in The Office

That's my word of the week. I'm well aware of the irony of following my previous post on fear with a post on feeling discouraged...but that's how the cookie's crumblin'. And I promised early on that I would be transparent and real throughout this writing adventure. 

Here are the facts. To date, I have: 

received feedback from 9 reviewers,

added notes to all 320 pages of my manuscript,

and still have roughly 300+ issues/areas/ideas/problems to solve. 

Lord, help me.

Excluding days when we'll be attending out-of-town weddings or be in Iceland (I'll post about that later), I have 47 days until the 2015 Surrey International Writer's Conference, at which I will have the opportunity to pitch to editors and agents. 

47 days seems like a sufficient time frame, until I subtract my other commitments (church volunteering, fitness, family time, etc.) and my freelance work. 

Solution: come up with a plan.

This may not be the best plan, but here's what I have so far:

  1. Compile all the writing advice and techniques I've been reading about into one document.
  2. Actively seek out 2 new sets of reviewers: youth and published writers.
  3. Build a master list of all the edits that I need to apply to the manuscript.
  4. Edit. Rewrite. Revise.
  5. Send updated draft to another set of reviewers.
  6. Draft a query letter & have an expert edit it.
  7. Complete my agent list, plan & approach.
  8. Don't wallow, collapse in despair, or freeze with lethargy.
  9. Pitch the improved story at the conference, and have the manuscript ready for submissions.

I might be crazy. This plan might be insanely aggressive. But at the moment, it's all that I have to get me over that insurmountainable hill.

Any other ideas?