Ashley Reiter likes to tell stories, some of which are true.


Finetuning the Craft

If your name is "A. Reiter", your writing fate starts rather seamlessly. Since her 9-year old attempts at poetry, Reiter has advanced from rhyming "run" and "sun" to finely tuned phrases collected in notebooks, short stories, and elegies for Ophelia. 

A UBC English Literature grad with 8+ years of experience in professional communications, Reiter has read hundreds of books, written dozens of poems, and has long dreamed of writing a story worth publishing. One day, she realized only thing preventing her from doing so was that she hadn't started.      

So, she did.

Other Things

Besides reading and writing, Reiter also loves her biggest fan, her Russian Blue cat, flowers, fencing (the sword kind), and most importantly, soup.

Huge potential.
— Richard Taylor, beta reader

This writer is committed to:

  • Quality writing. She will not compromise calibre for popular appeal.
  • Promoting her work, thus presenting a richly woven story to a wide audience. She is happy to participate in and lead marketing initiatives. 
  • Perfecting her craft: she annually attends the Surrey International Writer's Conference.
  • Seeking feedback, constructive critique, and advice from her readers and industry professionals.