#PimpMyBio for #PitchWars

Hello, fellow #PitchWars mentors and mentees! This is my first year participating, so here's my #PimpMyBio.

I write fantasy. For this year's Pitch Wars, I'm entering my genre-blending debut, a history-meets-fairy-tale, multi-POV YA fantasy. There's a thread of romance, too =) 

The book is called The Paper Throne, and it's about a bookworm princess who plans to burn her father's paper throne. She'd rather DYE than host a powerless court. To stop a mercenary coup, Adelicia must spin a textile revolution.

The story is inspired by the shepherds of pastoral Andes, natural dyes, William Morris's Arts & Crafts Movement (any knitters/spinners/weavers out there??), and the famed medieval city of Leuven (known for its linen; current-day Belgium). If you're wondering/worried if there is too much unoriginal medieval Europe influence, let me assuage your fears now. The book is layered with cultural and linguistic diversity...YES, there are characters who speak ESPERANTO!


The Paper Throne Novel aesthetic.jpg


  • The Queen of the Tearling (b/c tough heroine + multi-POV) 
  • Bitterblue (b/c broken kingdom + enormous responsibility)
  • The Goose Girl (b/c fairy tale re-telling)
  • Uprooted (b/c plants + the dangerous woods)


Since earning an English Lit degree from the University of British Columbia, I've held a variety of jobs in communications, events & program management. After telling stories from a heritage building, a garden, and a farm, I quit the non-profit field in June 2015 to write my own. Since then, I've immersed myself into perfecting my craft, as well as expanding my portfolio and skills as a freelance web & print designer. 

I am always reading something—even while I'm eating, which is hopefully some variety of noodles, soup, or seafood. Or tea. Because tea is a meal and a delight of its own.

I belong in another era, because I'd love to spend my days working with beautiful yarn, making my own soap, restoring antique furniture, daydreaming in my private library, tending my overcrowded garden, and wandering the sunny meadows of my (imaginary) hobby farm. Alas, I must be content with a sunless patio, three meager bookshelves, and a chirpy Russian Blue cat. For now. 

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I prefer to write chronologically. That is, Chapter Two after Chapter One. While I enjoy strategy board games (7 Wonders, Small World, Castles of Burgundy, anyone?), my head gets muddled if I jump around in the plot. I outline, to an extent. Then I write. Then I go back to the outline. Then I get stuck. Then I move to pen & paper. Then I transcribe into type. Then I keep typing...


I LOVE to know what I'm doing wrong. Does that sound weird? I relish constructive feedback, because it gives me the opportunity to improve. I. WILL. WORK. You—future mentor—and I have the same goal: to make this book a better one.


Someone who gets the vision for my story—who doesn't want me to reduce to a single POV, dumb down the vocabulary to contemporary YA (I've ignored advice to remove words like "broach", "atone", and "paragon")  or add an obligatory sex scene. Someone who falls in love with, or maybe already loves, the idea of natural dyes, and a manipulative heroine with a heart of gold. Someone who goes beyond pointing out problems, and offers possible solutions. Someone who resonates with something in common, above! =)

Thanks for reading. Feel free to connect on Instagram or Twitter, I'd love to hear from you!