A (Part-time) Professional

After 32 months of working on The Story, attending 1 writer's conference, and receiving 6 agents' requests for the manuscript, I've decided to take a leap.

I'm reducing my work hours to 3 days/week. This will give me 2 full days each week to write, revise, and work towards completing the final draft to submit to the literary agents. 

It starts today. It's really exciting: I now have the opportunity to experience a writer's 9-5. It's terrifying: I have to rework 55,000+ words in the span of weeks, not months!  

It's my trial, at being a (part-time) professional writer, and I'm determined to make the most of this opportunity. 

—On a side note, the picture above is the beginnings of a continent map for Adelicia's world. My sister Alex is a much more talented artist than me, and has been helping to translate various scraps of contradicting scrawls into a concise, beautiful map. Looking forward to presenting the final artwork!