A Full-time Freelancer

After 6 months as a "part-time professional" writer, I've decided to quit my part-time communications job.

Goodbye colleagues, commuting, and office camaraderie... it's a BIG change. There are many things about it and many people I will miss. While I gave my work 2 months notice, the weeks have slipped by and now It. Is. Actually. Happening.

Today, June 16, 2015, is my last day working for an employer. Tomorrow, I will be a full-time freelancer.

If you're thinking, "Wow, that's a pretty big deal, giving up a paid job to try and become an author," you and I have the same thought, pal. 

But I've given this considerable thought, over the last several months, and I came to three conclusions: 

  1. Life is short. Why do we wait so long to try the things we want to do? I won't be childless, young, and mortgage-free forever.
  2. Fear of failure was holding me back. It took me a while, but I decided that no outcome I could think of would actually be a failure. Worst comes to worst, and the traditional publishing route fails to bear fruit...I self-publish. Tada. I go bonkers with self-constructing my own schedule and miss an office environment...I apply for another part-time job. Tada. Still, I can't diminish the blessing I have in my supportive #1 fan who is 100% behind my dream and 100% willing to accept a smaller household income so that I can pursue it. I know these circumstances are not available for everyone.
  3. Building up my freelance portfolio now is a good idea. I've had the pleasure of a few freelance projects over the last year—building websites, designing business cards and promo materials, etc. Gaining confidence and experience in managing self-employed contract work will be a boon for future family years, should stars fail to align with traditional part-time employment.

What do you want to do full-time? What's holding you back? Is there a way for you transition into doing what you love? 

If not, follow me on my road to publishing paradise. Let's see how far we get.