Vale of the Seven Cities


The royal court of Hanor

the seven cities

Ameth - [am-uth]
Tope - [tohp]
Torque - [tork]
Merald - [mehr-uld]
Anbar - [an-bar]
Treen - [treen]
Rube - [roob]


Hanor - [ha'nor]
Navut - [nuh'vu]
Andia - [an-dee-ah]
Prage -  [prahg]
Romansche - [roh'mahnch]
Vanam - [vuh'nam]
Gola - [go'luh]
Hiti - [hee-tee]
Engkor - [eng'core]

Within the protective circle of the Great Mountains lies Hanor, Vale of the Seven Cities. Its thick forest and rich pastures have long tempted Hanor's bigger and more arid neighbours.

Though the Vice War ended thirty years ago, there is no peace or justice. There are Wolves in the Woods. There are Wolves in the cities. They steal and burn and kill without restraint. And the King is to blame.

Long ago, Adelicia's father installed a permanent regency that relinquished his governing responsibilities. Since then, the inept Regent has allowed the spread and control of the mercenary Wolves to cripple Hanor's textile trade.

The court is content to ignore the growing chaos. Adelicia isn't.

If Adelicia becomes Queen, she can't do anything to help.

Three days before Coronation Eve, Chapter One begins.


/ ah-deh'LEE-SEE-ah /

Her Royal Highness the Princess Adelicia Stelotti Monarc,
also known as the Star of Elan

Most Princess heroines you've read about are either damsels in distress, or the complete opposite. They're expert riders. Or fighters. Or herbalists. Adelicia isn't any of those.

She has a quick wit, a sharp tongue, and a considerable amount of charm that gets her in—as well as out of—trouble. She acts before she speaks. She speaks before she thinks. 

She's Rapunzel—compelled to play hostess for the mad King. 

She's the anti-Cinderella; desperate to leave the ballroom and silk gowns behind.

She's Red Riding Hood—on the run from dozens of mercenary Wolves.

Adelicia wants to raise Hanor from its knees and undo the wrongs of her parents. She wants to write her own part in the story of her life.

Doesn't everyone?


/ reh'NAR /

Lord Guardian Renar Fielom,
also known as the Royal Guardian, The Fox or The Grey Fox

The grizzled warrior protector is a familiar character. You've seen him before, haunted by his past, married to his duty:

Aragorn, The Lord of the Rings
Mace, The Queen of the Tearling
Ronin, Epic (2013 film)
al'Lan Mandragoran, The Wheel of Time series

Renar is a celebrated war hero, but he's done his best to forget those 30-year gone battles. He's paid the price of glory, and he regrets it.

During a lifetime of service and self-denial, Renar has outlived three monarchs, survived plagues and assassination attempts, and has remained immune to corruption or intrigue.  

He only has one weakness. And she's about to turn his world upside down.